Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coastal Bend Young Democrats sends letters to candidates demanding them to denounce the Tea Party

Attached are letters mailed to Republican candidates: Anna Jimenez, Amanda Torres, Angelica Hernandez, and Raul Torres.  Not only are the letters unfounded, but the fact that only Hispanic candidates received the letters demonstrates questionable "racists", divisive, and un-American motives by the Democrat party. Furthermore since the letters were drafted on the Coastal Bend Young Democrats letterhead, not one Democrat attended our Regional Candidate debate forum on October 16th, we should interpret this to mean Democrats do not identify Tea Party activists as voters they need to represent in our government.  Please consider these opinions if you are currently displaying any Democrat signs in your yard or at your business.  We are not Republicans, Democrats, Independents...we are a group of people who are Taxed Enough Already!  

*Note: Yvette Ortiz - Solomon Ortiz's Daughter and Solomon Ortiz Jr.'s sister, Zita Garza Skurka - Mark Skurka's Wife, Stacey Barrera - Diana Barrera's Daughter (Diana Barrera is our Nueces County Clerk/Election Clerk)

Please click on the following links to view these letters as .pdf files
Letter from Stacey Barrera (County Clerk Dianna Barerra's daughter)
Letter from Zeta Garza Skurka (Mark Skurka's Wife)
Letter from Yvette Ortiz  (Ortiz Sr's daughter and Ortiz Jr's sister)

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  1. LTR accusing Reps & Tea Party folks of racism & vulgarity! ANTI-Hispanic!! How dare you! My friends know me, and know I would never join something racist. Their/your party chooses to kill the babies of immigrants & minorities. That's vulgar! Abel says abortion isn't ok for him but OK for YOUR child. THAT's vulgar!(and uppity) Solomon uses YOUR embryos for experiments! That's vulgar! Bill (both of them) want to kill YOUR babies! Shame on Democrats!(by the way, if you haven't noticed, Mr. Skurka's opponent, ANNA JIMENEZ, is endorsed by the Reps AND Tea Party AND Texas Alliance for Life, and is HISPANIC. Yeah, right, we're the ones who are racist! Mona Lisa Biberstein PS Mr. Skurka, I have tried to contact you a couple of times and received no reply on your stand on life, so perhaps you are also anti-life - I do not know this personally, but I know you received my questionnaire for my voters' guide. You have my email. I know you did not sign this letter, however, your wife and daughter did.