Sunday, December 12, 2010

In Honor of PFC Colton Wesley Rusk 3rd Batallion 5th Marines

I drove through Orange Grove last night and was touched by what I saw.  I noticed Berry and H&S both provided cranes and light plants to fly at half staff the giant flags in honor of PFC Colton Rusk.  These giant, lighted flags could be seen for miles and miles at night!   It was very awesome and moving to see.
Many thanks to these companies and the others who supported this effort.  What a fitting tribute to this brave young man who gave his life for our freedom!  I could imagine the pride his family and friends would feel upon seeing this and the outpouring of support from Orange Grove and surrounding communities. God bless you, PFC Rusk, and thank you H&S and Berry!

Credit to Trey Cranford for these pics.. I couldn't get any last night...

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